Invitation to the 7th Rebellious Gathering 28.7.- 3.8.2023 in the Commune Waltershausen.

The seeds of rebellion are sprouting!

The Rebellious Gathering 2021 was dedicated to the „Journey for Life“: 70 indigenous rebels from the Zapatistas, the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) and the Front of Pueblos in Defense of Land and Water in Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala (FPDTA-MPT) visited from Mexico and shared their views and experiences with us in detail. This trip was supposed to be the start of a worldwide network of collectives, organizations and pueblos fighting against the capitalist-neoliberal, racist and patriarchal system – and for life. A lot has happened since then!

At the „Rebellisches“ 2023, we want to meet again, exchange experiences, continue to bring together our different struggles from the left and below, discuss what we can learn from the Zapatistas for our context, and network more closely. We want to give as much space to internationalist solidarity from Iran to Mexico as we do to the question of how we can advance our organizing processes here locally!

The Rebellious Gathering has been organized by the Ya Basta Network every 2 years since 2010. In order to continue the spirit of the „Declaration for Life“ of 1.1.21, joining our forces, it will be organized again this year together with the „Network of Rebellion“ – the network that was created to organize the Zapatistas‘ journey in Germany.

For the camp, we rely on DiT (Do it together). It lives from your contributions, from your groups, initiatives, yourselves. The care work (cooking, cleaning up, child care) will be done together and in solidarity, as will the program. The program is meanwhile well filled, you can see the current status here. There will still be an „open space“ at the camp for spontaneous offers.

We want to discuss, learn, dream, organize, eat, laugh, dance and celebrate with you! You can expect a cosy camp with a varied program – from reports on the experiences of the caravan „El Sur Resiste“ to an encryption workshop, from Kidsspace with puppet theatre to singing songs around the campfire. Like our compas in Mexico and Kurdistan, we want to „bring head and heart together“ and offer space for strategic discussions as well as body work, games and live music.

Please register by 20.07. via the registration form!

Also feel free to watch our video about Rebellious 2019 (in German).

Let’s struggle together, let’s connect with each other and make sure „hearts dance, and their music and steps are not those of regret and resignation.“ (Subcomandante Moisés of the EZLN, Oct. 2020 in „A Mountain on the High Seas„)

We look forward to seeing you!
The Orga Team for „Rebellisches“ of Ya Basta Network and the Network of Rebellion